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Rise Yoga Guernsey

Guernsey’s first full time yoga studio

Guernsey’s first full time yoga studio

Guernsey’s first full time yoga studioGuernsey’s first full time yoga studio

Over 20 weekly classes for any schedule and Pricing plans that get you the best value! 

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About Camacha & Justin


Guernsey’s first yoga studio opened by native Islander Camacha Wolfer.

Camacha is thrilled to return home to raise her two children with her husband sharing her passion for yoga. She aims to make yoga and healthy movement accessible and beneficial for any one regardless of their level of experience. She teaches simple techniques that are repeated throughout the class progressively showing more challenging options while teaching students how to explore what is the right level of effort for their body.

Not only do you receive a healthy amount of exercise but you become better attuned to what your body needs on a daily basis.


Justin founded Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY in 2014

Just immediately fell in love with Guernsey after his first of many hikes to  Fermain Bay. He turned to Camacha and said: "I could live here." And the rest as they say is history.

 He is a native New Yorker who founded his first Yoga studio with Camacha in 2014 -Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center in his home town of Saratoga Springs.

Justin has maintained a close studentship for 10 years with his spiritual teacher Bhakti master Raghunath and now teaches the anatomy and kinesiology sections of Raghunath's teacher trainings. After immersing himself in Yoga Justin also found his passion for interdisciplinary movement studies. He has studied with Tom Myers, Founder of Movement Trains; Ido Portal, founder of Ido Portal Method; and is a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and Functional Release Spine Specialist.  Justin is the Founder of Movement Mapping a new system of training that aims to improve neuromuscular communication.

The 6 Core Principles of Rise Yoga


Parasympathetic Stimulation

Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Yoga is parasympathetic nervous system stimulation.

Your autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, etc. .

It’s is divided into 2 main branches the sympathetic nervous system is often considered the "fight or flight" system, while the parasympathetic nervous system is often considered the "rest and digest" system. In many cases, both of these systems have "opposite" actions where one system activates a physiological response and the other inhibits it.

We describe the sympathetic system as stepping on the gas pedal and elevating stress levels while the parasympathetic system acts as the break depressing stress levels and allowing us to see our circumstance from a calm focused perspective. Our perception is our reality and experiencing life from elevated stress levels is very different then when you can things from a calm and settled vantage point.


The practices we offer at Rise aim to develop your ability to introspectively observe when you are stepping on the “gas pedal” in real time. You will learn how to step on the break while moving methodically through your physical practice which translates to applying this principle in other areas of your life.


Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Our practices are designed to impact some part of the neuromuscular system such as the peripheral nerves (those in arms, legs, face and neck), muscle motor neurons, and neuromuscular junction – the spot where nerves and muscles come together and in turn effect the tissue around the nerves.

Our practices feed your neuromuscular system with lots general movement information. The reasoning behind this is most of us are majorly deficient in basic general everyday human movement and consequently your Central Nervous System is doing the best it can with very old information. So before worrying about perfecting movement feed your system today with updated information. And do it again tomorrow. And repeat and repeat. Move and move before worrying about all the refinements you need to make.


Restore Spinal Mobility

Improve Neuromuscular Communication

Restore Spinal Mobility

In the past the common advise for back pain was to strengthen your abdominal muscles. While this may provide some balance between the front and back chain of muscles the problem often lies in the spine being immobile in certain areas from a lack of movement.

When we don’t use certain areas of our body we lose mobility (strength and range of motion) in those areas.

Instead of thinking of your spine as one structure that can flex, extend, lateral bend and rotate a more useful model is to think of the spine as 33 individual joints linked together all capable of expressing these movements individually.

When certain areas of the spines stop moving the chain becomes a rod where motion is restricted in all areas of the body and overall tension increases.

At Rise we prioritize restoring real mobility (neurological control, range of motion, strength) in the spine in both targeted and dynamic ways. You may find that this impacts all areas of the body restoring strength, vitality and range of motion in the outer joints.


Purposeful Engagement

Make Friends With Your Joints

Make Friends With Your Joints

Yoga means to yoke.

A Yoke is a device for joining together. Often used with oxen so that it could increase one oxen’s work capacity by joining two together.

In the same way Rise aims to join techniques that enhance each other’s effects.

So while practicing the “yoke” is our willingness to pay attention and notice when I am not; to purposefully engage with the practice and to notice when I am not; to take accountability and to notice when I am not; to introspect, self-examine and contemplate.

These habits while they may seem small lead to profound shifts in my perception, my capabilities and ultimately lead to conscious shifts that are in line with my highest values.

Often in life I don’t take the time to notice that I make the same choices for myself again and again. Through awareness, taking accountability for our choices, purposeful engagement and introspection our values and priorities begin to shift organically and align with what I value most in life.


Make Friends With Your Joints

Make Friends With Your Joints

Make Friends With Your Joints

A less technical way of saying this would be: “train the body to work nicely.” There’s no need to get fancy with your training. A common mistake that we make is jumping into activities without knowing if we have the basic building blocks.

In terms of physical training our joints are what create movement and at Rise we aim to improve three qualities in your joints: Full articular range of motion within each joint; development of Neurological control through training the range of motion; development of strength within the entire range of motion.

These qualities will optimize joint function and mitigate risk of injury.

Once these qualities are established you will progress injury free towards more complex and intelligent movement practices.


Healing Through Community

Make Friends With Your Joints

Healing Through Community

At Rise we not only believe in surrounding yourself with people that uplift you but encourage our students to engage and uplift others.

A yoga studio can be an intimidating place for new students that are embarking on a new practice.  Through learning to work with yourself in a compassionate we can understand others challenges as well and aim to support them along their journeys.

As human being move full speed into a digital age we feel this is an incredibly important service that a yoga studio can provide.

A place for people to meet, unplug and work amongst one another in a supportive environment.


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Rise Yoga Guernsey

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