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Rise Yoga Guernsey

Guernsey’s first full time yoga studio

Private lessons

Movement Mapping Privates Lessons


For anyone experiencing reoccurring physical pain, loss of range of motion, loss of energy.

Yoga Basics


For new students or anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of Yoga.

Advanced Movement Training


Specialized training for athletes looking to become advanced physical movers.  Each program will be specialized to the individual's goals.

Movement Mapping Private Lessons

Training to improving neuromuscular communication and restore the building blocks of human movement.

Who is Movement Mapping Private Training for? Anyone experiencing reoccurring physical pain, loss of range of motion, loss of energy.

Movement Mapping Private Training aims for Five specific outcomes:

Nervous System Fluency - restore diaphragmatic breathing, understanding the CNS’s role in governing range of motion, pain signals, recovery, homeostasis, progressive adaptation.

Joint Autonomy - Identify and remove compensation patterns and restore the fundamental articulations of each joint. Learn to assess and train articular health, motor control and strength within each joints full range of motion.

Create dynamic equilibrium/structural harmony - Identify postural compensatory patterns caused by weak links in the body’s structural support network and retrain the dynamic relationship that helps the body to support itself efficiently and harmoniously.

Get good at being human - restore fundamental human locomotive postures. You were designed to stand, walk, squat, kneel, sit, crawl, lunge, push, pull, etc. A consequence of our modern lifestyle is that many have lost these patterns and try to improve their bodies function before regaining what the body was designed to do. Restore these patterns and movement returns to being harmonious and expressive.

Optimizing learning processes - Movement Mapping aims to create self-driven, process and inquiry based practice that engages students to sharpen their own eye and improve learning processes through involving them in the learning process.