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Change Your Relationship to Stress - 4 Week Series



4 WEEK COURSE taught by Justin Wolfer

If I believe stress is bad then I will respond to stress in a predetermined way.

If I can notice stress as information communicated from my system then I can choose how I respond to this information.

4 week series exploring how our beliefs around stress influence how we think about stress and how we respond to stress. Students will learn tools to de-stress both physically and mentally and receive handouts and homework to apply the concepts learned during the course within their daily life.

The classes will be part discussion and part practice. Discussions will involve the effects of stress on the body, nervous system and brain and how our perception of stress can effect the toll it takes on these systems. The physical practice will involve gentle movement, restorative yoga postures, breathing techniques and guided meditations.

Tuesday’s, 7:30-8:45

September 17, 24

October 1, 8

£60 for non-members, free for members

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